Nature Photography with Chris Bale.


Nature Photography

with Chris Bale & Karl Taylor.

LIVE : 27th Sept 2017 – 18:00 BST (13.00 EST)

Chris Bale is a self-taught nature photographer and although his passion for wildlife can be easily traced back to his childhood he did not begin to share this publicly until he was in his mid thirties…..Now 43 and with a stunning portfolio there’s no turning back!

Chris’s photography now features in a variety of nature journals, wildlife magazines and bird watching guides as well as his prints selling through is own gallery. Chris is also now combining writing and photography, in an attempt, to find success as a nature journalist.

Chris had this to say:

“I often state how I never intended to become a photographer, even an amateur, let alone someone who relies, now, on my images to provide my main source of income. It’s an interesting story that got me here and it speaks volumes about my dedication, determination and competitive spirit, let’s say.”

“Basically, as a child and young man, I was deliriously happy. I was active, prominent in sports and music and loved the outdoors; fishing and birdwatching were two of my favourite things”

“By the time, I reached 35 I no longer took part in any of these things, I worked a job I didn’t like and spent too much time and money in the pubs and the bookies. I was in a doomed relationship. During this time, I wrote a list which proved to be pivotal in my eventual life choices. I listed the things that made me such a happy child and a list of all the things that made me such a miserable grown up!”

“Easy. I’d just choose a few things from the ‘happy’ list and replace a few of the things on the ‘miserable’ list. It worked and after about 2 years my life looked very different. A new job at a school for autistic children, a move away from relationships that had stagnated and much less time and money in pubs and bookies. A new hobby was also beginning to dominate my waking hours….. photography, at that time very amateur nature photography!”

There is a lot more to Chris’s story to come…. He will be joining me live on ‘KTE Photography Talk’ on September 27th at 18:00 BST (13:00 EST) where we will be learning about Chris’s techniques, equipment and the skills needed to capture these exquisite nature images.

This a must see show for nature photography lovers and Chris looks forward to answering your questions live with our interactive Q&A.

Take a look at more Chris Bales work here

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  1. So looking forward to hearing Chris’s story and secrets to success. Ive been an admirer of his for a while and started to get out and about because of some of his shiots id seen.

    cant wait,


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