LIVE Members Picture Critique


Members Picture Critique

with Karl Taylor

Thurs 18th Jan 2018 – 18.00 GMT / 13.00EST

In this Live talk show will crop, critique and even retouch some members images to show how to improve them. This informative show will give our members and opportunity to submit their work and learn from a top professional on where improvements can be made. The critique will not only focus on the positives but also how to improve any negatives, providing a great opportunity to for everyone to recognize effective images.

The subject for this members only critique is Advertising, Product & Still Life.

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    1. Hi in reply to both Mike and Rafi, unfortunately it is just not possible to review every image that is sent in for a critique show. On the last show I critiqued in depth approximately 75 images in a 2 hour show. On a previous critique show I managed 134 images in a 2.5 hour show. We select images for the show that are most suited to the topic, for example the last critique was on ‘Product and Advertising’ images so clearly it would be unfair to critique images that were not on topic. Each critique will have a specific topic and there will be many more opportunities for critiques throughout the year. Mike it’s unfortunate that you feel the only reason you have an account is for the critique, I’m not sure why you feel that way as obviously our site offers so much more and the critiques are only a very small part of our overall offering and the other reasons why most people are here.

  1. I submitted again the files since, for my fault, the previously ones had a dimension much bigger than 5 MB. Sorry.

  2. When will the shot submission form for the January 18th show be available? I’m unable to enter any information into the fields.


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