Members critique Retouching & Techniques

With Karl Taylor

6th June 2019 – 18:00 BST / 13:00 EDT

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In this members critique live show Karl will be assessing members retouching skills and identifying good and bad post production practices.

Members will have an opportunity to submit an image for feedback and follow along live as Karl examines their work. Karl will also be answering questions live throughout the show.

You’ll learn how to recognise areas that need retouching and how just subtle adjustments can make a big difference. Some of the techniques that will be covered in the show include burning and dodging, using layers and layer masks, general color correction and framing your images. Karl will explain his retouching workflow and show you some useful tips to speed up your post production process, too.

The deadline for submission is Monday 3rd June at 12pm BST / 7am EDT.


For this critique I’ll be looking at the before and after images submitted by members. Submissions are limited to one image per member, but both the before and after need to be submitted.

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  1. Hi Guys, the option to upload two has worked a treat. Following your advise previously, I’ve cooled down the owl and warm natural glow a little. Any more advise for future will gratefully received. Keep the superb tutorials coming, I “Never” get bored with this stuff !!!
    Thank you
    Edward. ??

  2. it is just one image with the before and after or 2 files separated? when im in the select file section i just can upload one image. If i want to upload another image the last is deleted

    1. Good point I’ll get that looked at as it should be two images, the before and after version of the same image.

    2. Author

      Hi. Thanks for letting us know, we’ve changed this so you can now submit two jpeg images at the same time ?

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