Mega Photo Critique


Extended Members Photo Critique

with Karl Taylor

24th May 2018 – 16.00 BST / 11.00 EDT


Our members picture critique live shows are always highly popular but unfortunately Karl isn’t always able to get around to looking at every image sent through. That’s why we’ve decided to present an extended critique where he’ll be looking at and discussing every single image submitted by our members, whether it takes three hours or 10.

This live show will offer members an opportunity to submit their work and find out first-hand from Karl what they’re doing right or where they could improve. The critique will not only focus on the positives but also point out possible improvements and post production changes, providing a great learning opportunity for everyone.

Karl will offer practical advice and demonstrate useful editing techniques that could be used to improve the images. He’ll demonstrate how a simple crop or colour adjustment can help elevate an image. You’ll be able to apply this knowledge to analyse and improve your work in the future.

Insight from these critiques can be applied to a variety of photographic genres, which is why members are encouraged to submit images from any genre. Whether it be landscapes or food images, members can send in any of their best images for Karl to look at.

I will be discussing and giving feedback on all members images submitted. If you haven’t submitted your image you have until 12.00 BST / 07.00 EDT tomorrow (24th May 2018) to do so as the show starts at 16.00 BST / 11.00 EDT and we need time to organise the images ready for the show.

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