Fashion photography involves a myriad of details and, undoubtedly, can seem daunting. I’ve taken this overwhelming topic and broken it down into manageable, step-by-step sections.

Could you confidently plan a fashion shoot?

Why should you use a mood board and what information you should include?

How is your makeup going to compliment your shoot?

How do you ensure your choice of hairstyle, makeup, model and location speak to one another?

Do more lights really equate to better lighting?

How creative can you be with just one set?

Is it really possible to produce a shot that requires minimal retouching?

After working through my fashion course, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of every element of fashion photography and the necessary skills to produce top results.

Things you should be asking yourself...

Do you really understand pre-visualization?

Mood boards

Shot lists

Selecting a team

Unsure of how much detail to include in your mood board? Not sure how to select a model? Confused by which lighting setup to use? I guide you through the intricate process of planning to ensure a smooth and successful shoot.

Can you clearly communicate your concept to a team?

Working with makeup & stylists

Creative direction

Bringing it all together

Urban vs modern vs edgy - do you understand the difference and can you clearly communicate these concepts to a team? The ability to work with a team can make or break a fashion shoot, so I show you how to simplify this to the point where it’s even easier than choosing your lunch.

What makes your images stand out?

Unique sets

Flattering posing

Creative lighting

The smallest details make the biggest difference so I demonstrate key concepts to ensure your photographs are worthy of your portfolio.

You think you understand light, but do you really?

Single vs multiple lights

Lighting on location

Lighting for particular moods

I simplify the process of lighting to the point where you’ll wonder why it ever seemed daunting!

Photographing fashion can be a daunting task. It requires creativity, discipline, teamwork and outstanding technical knowledge. I show you how to bring all this together in ways that will allow you to redefine what you thought was possible.

Through detailed explanations, I provide all you’ll ever need to completely redefine your impossible.

This comprehensive course means the only question you’ll have left is “When can I get started?”

In this course I show you that planning and executing a fashion shoot need be no more challenging than deciding what to have for lunch.

“This will be the last video you will ever need to watch about understanding light. Just brilliant Karl. This is the first time anybody has really managed to convey the fundamental principles of light to me so well. Thank you thank you SO much. I can hardly wait to see where your other tutorials are going to take my photography!!”

Stephanie La Porte – Light Source Customer

“This is one of the best course I have ever seen yet simple and clear to understand.
Thank you.”

J.jean-Claude Davilmar – Light Source Customer

On this course you will learn…

The key steps to photographing fashion
How to bring your ideas to life
The planning required to ensure a successful shoot
How to overcome the constraints of a small studio
How to photograph on location
How to get creative with unusual lighting methods
The best modifiers to use in different situations
Tried and tested lighting setups for stunning results
How to create the mood needed to realize your concept
How to get maximum usage from a single set
How to get the best out of your subject
Different poses for different people
How to effectively work with a team to get the best results

“I thought I understood light and now that I’ve watch this, I have better understanding of light. Awesome.”

Patrick Williams – KTE Member

“Very very thorough explanation Karl. This lesson filled in many of the gaps of knowledge in my understanding of light. Great lesson!”

Anthony Scott – KTE Member

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Photo: Urs Recher

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Ten years ago Karl also entered the training market and soon became known for his ability to explain complex subjects extremely clearly. His unique way of teaching and clear instruction has led him to work for, Hasselblad Camera Company, Broncolor Lighting and Adobe as well as appearances on the BBC. His training is also used by Universities and education providers around the world.

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