Live Workshop — Umbrella Lighting

Live Workshop — Umbrella Lighting



Umbrella Lighting

7th November 2019 – 18:00 GMT / 14:00 EDT

Umbrellas are often one of the first modifiers many photographers work with. They’re affordable, portable, versatile and easy to use. These popular modifiers will be in the spotlight for this live workshop, where Karl will be taking a closer look at when and how to use them.

He will be looking at the different types of umbrellas and the advantages and disadvantages of each while also examining how they compare to other popular lighting modifiers.

If you’re a fan of umbrella lighting or looking to grow your equipment, this show is a must-watch. Karl will also be answering your questions live, so if you have any questions about umbrellas, this is your chance!

To learn more about umbrella lighting, you’ll find a selection of classes throughout our site. Below are some of our most popular classes.

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