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Creative Portrait Lighting Techniques
(Part 2)

11th July 2019 – 18:30 BST / 13:30 EDT

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As a continuation of our Creative Portrait Lighting workshop, this live photography demonstration will demonstrate another creative portrait lighting setup.

In this show Karl will demonstrate how to use a combination of lights to achieve a high key portrait effect while maintaining high contrast in the shadows. This particular lighting style, which produces a stunning result, can be achieved with minimal lights but it does require careful of control of these lights, good techniques and a few simple props and accessories.

During the show Karl will explain how to use backlighting for creative effect while also controlling flare and highlights. You’ll also see how to use flags and other techniques to maximise contrast and control your shadows.

Join Karl for this live portrait photography workshop, where you’ll be able to follow along and ask your questions live.

To view part one of this workshop, visit our Live Shows page or click here.

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