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How to make your bottle product the hero every time!

If you're a professional or semi-professional photographer then it's important to have the skills to make products visually outstanding! Bottle and beverage images can be particularly tricky so I'll be giving members this knowledge in my next LIVE online workshop.

I'll connect with participants, helping them save hours of frustrating trial and error learning. We'll work together in a LIVE online session, teaching the exact process needed to shoot hi-end beverage images. Any questions you have on this topic will be resolved so you can achieve hi-end results for your clients.

Just imagine what this knowledge could do for your confidence and photography repertoire.

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The result! Captured during the LIVE workshop!

Product advertising image of pint of cider.

Could you benefit from learning these steps?

In a recent critique, my members demonstrated very decent ability when lighting bottle products. In many cases, their work would only have required small adjustments to be transformed into hi-end product images - straight out of camera!

© Andrew Chislett, KT Education Member
© Andrew Chislett, KT Education Member
© Daniel Swinson, KT Education Member
© Daniel Swinson, KT Education Member

As you can see, both Andrew and Daniel (members of Karl Taylor Education) have achieved fantastic lighting but with further adjustments, their products could quickly become more prominent and desirable.

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Stunning images = Happy clients!

Product advertising image of whisky bottles and glass Product advertising image of pint of cider.

Extremely valuable... Delightfully affordable!

In this exciting live show Karl will demonstrate a whisky product shoot from start to finish and provide his top tips to reveal a high-end advertising standard image. Controlling reflections, back illumination, backgrounds, gradients and creating the set will all be covered ensuring this will be an episode not to be missed.

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