Live Talk Show with Special Guest Ben Thomas



With Special Guest Ben Thomas

and Karl Taylor

May 2019

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Ben Thomas is an award winning photographer who has garnered global attention with his hyperrealistic imagery of urban and city spaces.

Ben’s most recent achievement was earning the prestigious title of Hasselblad Master. His work earned him first place in the Street/Urban category, where he was up against a record-breaking number of entries.

His imagery, which makes use of techniques such as advanced color manipulation, mirroring and tilt-shift photography, challenges our perceptions of space and narrative through unique explorations of composition, color and texture.

His latest series of work, ‘Chroma’, makes use of extreme color processing to encourage us to question how we define the spaces around us. Other notable series of his work include his internationally acclaimed series ‘Cityshrinker’ (where he made use of a tilt-and-shift effect to portray cities in a distorted diminutive perspective) and ‘Accession’ (where he made use of mirroring to create kaleidoscopic urban imagery).

Ben will be joining Karl in studio to talk about his career, achievements and plans for the future. The pair will examine his work and discuss the creative techniques that Ben uses, as well what inspires the self taught photographer.

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To view more of Ben’s work, visit his website:

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