Live Talk Show with Professional Retoucher Viktor Fejes

Live Photography Talk Show With Special Guest Viktor Fejes



With Special Guest Viktor Fejes

and Karl Taylor

13th November 2018 – 18:00 GMT / 13:00 EST

Viktor Fejes is a professional retoucher who has worked with a number of international clients, such as Hasselblad, WIRED and SpecSavers (and also Karl Taylor). He is also the CEO and founder of GILD Studios, a boutique retouching studio.

Viktor has been using Adobe Photoshop since he was eight years old. While working towards his BA in English Linguistics he started taking on his first clients and it wasn’t long before his career started gaining momentum.

Guided by a motto learnt from his grandfather — ‘If you do something do it to the best of your abilities’ — Viktor is renowned for producing impeccable work, his careful attention to detail, color grading, and fast turnaround time.

He’ll be joining Karl in studio to discuss his work, the reasons for retouching and the future of the retouching industry.

This fascinating live show will explore a number of key concepts and provide valuable insight into the post production process. Karl and Viktor will be taking your questions live, so make sure to join them for this insightful live show.

If you’re interested in post production, make sure to watch our ‘Advanced Photoshop for Photographers‘ course, presented by Karl and Viktor.

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  1. Hi Karl
    As i’m just starting out in photography is it possible to give me some feedback on my other entry in the Macro comp
    the red eye frog as to me that was the better of the 2 photos, I was so chuffed to be on the short list .just like to say that you are right this is the best education course going ,now for Red comp
    Ian Robinson

    1. Hi Ian, I’m afraid we can’t enter into discussion or feedback on the competition entries at this time but we will be running more Members Critique shows where you will have the opportunity to submit your images for critique. The next one in December is already listed in the live shows page which is on product photography however if we don’t get many submitted I will consider critiquing the shortlist from the Macro competition. We will also be hosting many other Member Critiques throughout 2019 on various topics. All the best Karl.

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