LIVE Talk Show With Special Guest Tim Flach

Interview recorded in 2014


With Special Guest Tim Flach

22nd Feb 2018

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We are extremely excited to welcome world-renowned photographer Tim Flach to the show.

Tim’s work is instantly recognisable. In the last decade he has focused on animal portraits ranging widely across species but united by a distinctive style that is derived from his concerns with anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism.

Flach’s often abstract photographic style has been described as “the perfect antithesis to anthropomorphism”. Flach employs the artistic technique of defamiliarisation in many of his studio portraits, creating deliberately ambiguous close-ups, which present the subject at unusual angles in order to provoke questions from the viewer.”

Tim Flach has published five successful books including ‘Equus’ in 2008, ‘Dog Gods’ in 2010, the highly acclaimed ‘More than Human’ in 2012, ‘Evolution’ in 2013 and just recently ‘Endangered’ which concentrates on animals that face extinction through critical circumstances in their habitat, natural changes and manmade influences.

With his work featured in National Geographic, The Smithsonian, The National Museum and with scores of exhibitions around the world Tim’s fine art prints are sought after by serious collectors.

Tim is very open about his work and a wonderful conversationalist willing to share his passion for his subject.

Karl will be interviewing Tim on the show but as well as asking Tim about his work and milestones we will also be taking questions from the audience Live on the show.

If you are unable to tune in live but have a question for Tim then we also welcome you to submit these by email in advance.

This will be a fascinating live talk show with the opportunity to learn from one of the worlds most respected photographers. Make sure to join us live or catch this show on replay.


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  1. As a massive TF fan, Id like to know Tims views as a wildlife, Nature photography specialist what does he think of Zoos?

    Are they a necessary evil or should all wildlife be left in the wild or do we as photographers have a responsibility to highlight endangered animals or just be visual archivists for when they are extinct?

    some cant afford trips to far-flung beautiful places so find Zoos as much as we may abhor seeing captive animals it allows us to photograph animals we might not see elsewhere.

  2. I would like to ask Tim a question; how he would tackle the problem of indigenous peoples poaching endangered animals on the land where they live?

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