LIVE Retouching with Professional Retoucher Viktor Fejes


With Special Guest Viktor Fejes

and Karl Taylor

15th November 2018 – 18:00 GMT / 13:00 EST

In this live retouching show members will have an opportunity to submit their own images for professional retoucher Viktor Fejes to retouch.

Viktor will select one image, which he will then retouch live during this show. He’ll be explaining his retouching process, offering professional advice and sharing a number of useful retouching tips as he works through the image.

From Burn and Dodge to working with Visual Aid Layers, Viktor will clearly show each step of his workflow, highlighting the most effective techniques to achieve professional results.

Viktor and Karl will be answering your questions live throughout the show, so make sure to join them for this live retouching workshop.

To find out more about Viktor, his work and the retouching industry, make sure to watch his live talk show here.

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  1. Image submitted. I am excited to watch this as retouching and portrait photography is really something I want to know more and more all the time.

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