Live photography show with Tom Oldham

Live Talk Show With Special Guest Tom Oldham.


Live Talk Show With Special Guest Tom Oldham.

19 July 2018. 18.00 BST / 13.00 EDT

Tom Oldham is a London-based portrait photographer, shooting portraits of musicians, sports stars and all sorts of talented folk in locations across the nation and worldwide. He admits ‘It’s a great gig’.

In June 2017, Tom exhibited his project shot in Lesotho – ‘The Herder Boys of Lesotho’, at the White Space Gallery in London. The exhibition was a big hit and Tom considered it some of his proudest work.

With a wealth of experience and an incredible dry sense of humour we are all really looking forward to welcoming Tom Oldham as a guest on the show. And don’t forget that you our valued members will have an opportunity to participate in the show and ask Tom your questions Live! If you can’t make the show live, we will be happy to take your questions by email and put them to Tom on air.

It would be great to have you join us live but as always the full ‘Live Replay’ will be available to our members immediately after broadcast so don’t worry if you can’t join us live.

Tom Oldham

Tom Oldham

Have you ever experienced a LIVE online workshop before?

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