Live Members Picture Critique – Product Photography

With Karl Taylor

29th August 2019 – 18:00 BST / 13:00 EDT

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Karl has over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, with much of his commercial work being product photography. As a result, this photography critique is guaranteed to provide valuable insight into the world of product photography and shed some light on how to improve your advertising and product photography.

Karl will offer his perspective and critique on images submitted by members and provide some top tips. He’ll be looking at what makes an image work (and what doesn’t) as well as discussing how to grow your portfolio and impress clients. He will also demonstrate some powerful retouching techniques to help transform your images.

With Karl’s expertise in product photography this should be a highly interesting show, where, as usual, you’ll be able to ask your questions live. Submit your image below.

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Submit are now closed for this live show.

The deadline for submission is Tuesday 27th August at 12pm BST / 7am EDT.


  1. Hi, I just sent my submission, but only now I notice that it says Monday, but it says 27 of August and that’s today (Tuesday). Will my submission be accepted?

  2. Hi Edward,

    Thank you for your comment, we haven’t received your image you mention in your comment above. However if you would like to enter an image in our Product Critique you can enter it using the form on this page.



  3. Barn Owl , Mid-day Launch !

    I took this shot outside of our works office ! Super unusual surroundings to find one of our most beautiful and shy birds ! The low afternoon sun emmitting a deep golden glow, here , as advised; tweaked to reflect its pure white and gold plumage. Hope it’s done the trick. Thank you.

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