How to photograph cosmetics:
Live cosmetics product shoot



Cosmetic products

10th April 2019 – 18:00 BST / 13:00 EDT

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In this live photography show Karl will be demonstrating how to light and photograph cosmetic product shots.

Cosmetics can be complex objects to light — they’re often small and can feature different textures. Taking the time to analyse your product is the first step, and in this show you’ll see why this is so important. Karl will then show you his process of setting up and lighting cosmetic products, offer suggestions for choosing and working with different backgrounds as well as explain why it’s important to not rely on Photoshop to get a good result.

You’ll also learn how to create catchlights in the product and how, using gradient lighting, you can make the simplest of products look elegant and desirable.

Regardless of whether you’re shooting lipsticks or skin creams, this show will cover powerful techniques for photographing cosmetics, as well as useful tips for general product photography too.

Karl will also be answering questions live throughout the show as he shoots, so join us live and follow along.

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  1. Karl, I would love to see you do some “smears” of the products as well if possible. Very typical shots for cosmetics companies to show in addition to the standard package and product shots.

    1. Hi Matt, that won’t be on this show I’m afraid as I’ve got a very complex shoot arranged for this one, I’ll keep it mind for a future show.

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