How to set-up a Photography Business

How to set-up a successful photography business.

Imagine commanding higher prices with more customers seeking your skills and services!

A step-by-step blueprint for running a successful photography business.

This training has been designed and written by me, Karl Taylor. I’m a photography consultant for the BBC and Adobe and am ambassador for photography companies including Hasselblad, Broncolor and Manfrotto. This title “The Business of Photography” used to be a stand alone course but is now included in my membership plan giving you a huge saving.

Maybe you like the idea of becoming the boss of your own photography business? If this sounds like your perfect plan then this is definitely the course for you.

Calling on my 25 years of knowledge as a successful pro photographer I reveal everything you need to leap ahead of years of trial and error learning. Get my top knowledge and shortcuts to help you on your own photography journey.

Professional photographers tend to be very secretive when it comes to disclosing knowledge, however in this course I reveal everything!

Hit the ground running with insight to over 25 years of business knowledge. Avoid stumbling blocks, eliminate business frustrations and concentrate on your profits.

Amongst the many bonuses this course includes, I will provide you with a comprehensive selection of photography business tools.

I give you all my calculators and forms to ensure you have everything you need to operate in a professional capacity. You can get all this in my monthly plan right now (and cancel whenever you like).

Eliminate business frustrations and concentrate on your profits.

  • Routes into professional photography

  • The 3 most important business questions

  • 5 essential skills to maintain your success

  • Maintaining and staying in business

  • Pricing your work (& my pricing structure)

  • Most lucrative areas of photography

  • Marketing your business

  • Your brand & your website

  • Understanding project workflow

  • Working with art directors

  • Working to clients expectations

  • Set building and props

  • Equipment and studio rental

  • Portfolios, brochures & marketing

  • Associations & business organisations

  • Networking & social media

  • Model Release Forms

    Don’t get caught out by not having the right paper work and contracts when working with models or people in your photographs. These contracts are essential on commercial projects and ensure that everyone knows their remuneration and obligations.

  • Copyright Terms & Conditions

    Ensure that you protect your copyright with clients so that your images can earn you revenue time and time again in the future. This contract document ensures your ability to control your work.

  • Cash Flow Forecasts & Business Expenses

    An essential tool for monitoring your businesses profitability and knowing your monthly revenue targets. This customisable spread sheet will give you a clear picture of how you are doing and how much you need to invoice each month to ensure your business is a success.

  • Project Workflow Form

    Make sure you fully understand your clients’ needs through every step of the project. This handy document makes sure you deliver the best possible service to your clients by analysing the requirements of each stage of the project process and therefore focusing you on understanding the ‘bigger picture’.

  • Pricing Calculator

    Are you unsure what to charge? Would you like to know what Karl invoices commercial clients? With this bonus document Karl reveals not only his pricing structure but also the common rates for photographers shooting weddings, portraits, events, commercial and many more. Make sure you are pricing your work correctly with this useful guide.

  • Usage Fee Calculator

    Work out exact pricing for your stock images publication or for usage fees on clients’ work. This often confusing area of business is simplified with our easy to use calculator. This document will help you price your commisioned images and the continued usage accurately and easily.

  • Usage Fees & Licencing Info

    All the information that you need to know about Usage Fees and Licensing when approached with a commission.

  • Marketing Plan

    Hit your target markets by following the key points in this document and ensure you stick to your marketing plan by having this information at your finger tips.

  • Estimate Calculator

    Use this handy reference to help you price each project and ensure that you provide your clients with an accurate quotation as possible.

  • Job Sheets

    This essential document helps you keep track of each project and each client so that when it comes to billing it’s a breeze. All of your hours, your extras and anything associated with a photo-shoot can be detailed here ready for billing.

  • Invoice Example

    The layout and content of an invoice to a client might sound straightforward but you can help avoid complication and confusion with my method of billing. This will help you get paid more easily and ensure that your customers are aware of all the expenses and hours spent on a project.

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