How to photograph clear liquids: Gin/Vodka product photography

How to photograph clear liquids: Gin/Vodka product photography



Clear liquid bottles: Gin/Vodka

LIVE ON: 21st March 2019

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Lighting and photographing clear bottles can be tricky and there is a number of important factors that are important to consider as you shoot.

In this live photography workshop Karl will demonstrate the best practises for effectively lighting and preparing clear bottles, such as gin and vodka, for photographing.

Starting at the very beginning, Karl will explain how to prepare the product for shooting, why selecting the right background is essential, and how styling and lighting can completely change the feel of your shot. He will also reveal a number of professional techniques he uses when photographing, ensuring you get the perfect shot each time.

If you’ve ever wondered how to create condensation on a bottle or how to use different lighting setups to create emotion in an image, then this is the show for you! You’ll learn some of the most important techniques and tricks for creating an advertising-style product image that any client would be happy with.

Karl will also be interacting with members and answering questions throughout the show as he works.

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This photography workshop was recorded live and is now available to watch again on replay.

photographing clear liquid bottles gin vodka in photography studio

Learn how to photograph clear liquid bottles easily and effectively using simple techniques.

Water droplets on bottles ready for shoot

Preparing your bottle includes creating and controlling condensation to achieve that cold, desirable look.

Karl Taylor explaining photography technique for clear glass bottle photography

Lighting clear bottles couldn’t be simpler, a great result can be achieved with two lights.

live results for shooting clear liquid bottles gin vodka

The background and base surface are important components when it comes to photographing bottles.

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