Hasselblad H6 tested against H5 & Sony A7Rii, compare the results.

I’m in the market to upgrade my current Hasselblad H5 to the latest H6. Hasselblad are a fantastic but not inexpensive camera choice and even as an ambassador for them I need to be sure of my investment.

Rather than rely on manufacturer statistic documentation, I decided to put my existing Hasselblad H5 and a loaned Hasselblad H6 through my own rigorous camera test.

To spice things up, I also got my hands on a Sony A7R ii and threw that into the mix too! See how it performed against the more expensive Hasselblads in this technical camera comparison.

It’s harder to see the precise details in the video so I’ve included untouched TIFF files so you can compare for yourself.

Click here to compare the full resolution TIFF files.

Enjoy the video,

Camera test details

Here’s some of the things I was looking for in my comprehensive test:

  • Moiré
  • Dynamic Range,
  • Color Fidelity
  • Shadow Detail
  • Highlight Detail
  • Noise
  • Resolution & Clarity
  • Diffraction
  • Chromatic Aberration

Below are two highlighted crops (screen resolution) to compare. It’s difficult to see the true details, so click here to view the full resolution TIFF files and see how the cameras performed.

Web site friendly comparison 1
Web site friendly comparison 1
Web site friendly comparison 2
Web site friendly comparison 2
Web site friendly comparison 2


  1. Karl, I assume that the Hasselblad images are on the left and the Sony on the right….Tremendous difference in details. But how much was the detail dependant on the lens used on each camera??The iris of Stiffneys eye has totally better/sharper edge to it.
    Go for the Hasselblad…I am sure the bank manager will stump up an overdraft for this purpose

    1. Hi Jason, it’s essentially the same chip so it wouldn’t have made much difference. It might have had better highlight detail due to the new processing but that’s about it. Pixel shifting on the new Sony is also possible but then I’d have to test that against the Hasselblad with pixel shifting and we’d be back in the same place. The Sony is great but keep in mind they make the sensor that’s in the H6, they are not stupid to make a chip that costs $20K and then make a camera that beats it for $2K and expect to keep selling the medium format chip. The physics in this stuff always wins and basically the physics says that a bigger physical chip wins.

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