Live Photography Talk Show With Special Guest Daria Belikova


With Special Guest Daria Belikova

and Karl Taylor

20th Sept. 2018 – 18:00BST (13:00EDT)

In this live talk show Karl will be joined by fashion photographer and rising star Daria Belikova. With a dark, edgy and distinctive style Daria’s work has become sought after internationally.With a growing reputation for exquisitely styled and executed work her unique and mature finesse has garnered significant attention. In this interview we will be talking about her approach, her technique and her rapid rise in the challenging world of fashion photography as well as answering your questions live.

Daria, was born in Russia, Togliatti. Daria and her family moved close to Moscow city, where she spent her childhood. She started to show the interest in photography at the age of 15 and in 2012 she moved to London to start her degree in BA fashion photography at London College of Fashion from where she successfully graduated in 2015. After graduating from LCF and four years of creative collaborations and working in UK she made her way to New York where her career has continued to develop. Today she produces artwork that is laced with emotion and steeped with ethereal beauty and has continuously developed and pushed her practice of fashion photography.

The dark emotional state that exudes from her work imbues her series of images with a fantasy and baroque/gothic fairy tale sensibility. A touch of dramatic and macabre beauty style can clearly can be seen through Daria’s art works. Production is key in creating Daria’s signature aesthetic, from models and outfits to props and locations these carefully curated choices result in dark, emotive photography with a large degree of fairy tale like sensibility.  Today Daria lives and works between Moscow, London and NYC. 

Daria Belikova, Fashion Photographer.

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