Frequently asked questions.

Can I watch in my country?

Yes, our courses and live shows can be viewed anywhere in the world as long as you have an adequate internet connection. You can stream our education platform and content onto multiple devices such as tablets, laptops and computers.

How do I change my account information?

You can easily change the name and/or email address linked to your account, or change your password by logging into your account and going to the ‘Account Details’ area.

I would like to purchase membership as a gift for someone, how do I do this?

Simply sign up for a new account and enter the details of the person that you wish to purchase the membership plan for. Enter that persons name and email information and create a password. The person you are purchasing for can change the password later.

How do I access my courses and live shows?

Our content is available to watch when you log into your account on our website providing you have an adequate Internet connection. Simply go to the section of the website you wish to explore to start viewing .

How long do I have access to my content?

You have access to the Karl Taylor Education content for as long as you pay your monthly subscription and as long as you are connected to the internet.

How do I access my bonus content?

Certain courses have associated files or bonus content and you will find these on our website under the ‘Downloads’ section or on the relevant course page.

What format are your courses in?

Our courses and live shows are available in Full HD streaming .

Why $14 per month?

It’s all about value. We believe that our photography education is the best in the industry. In the past, that came at a premium price. For example, a single pro course retailed at $399. But because our training isn’t just for pros, we came to believe that our pricing shouldn’t be either.

Our new monthly subscription model will give you everything — all of our past and future courses, live shows, exclusive downloadable resources, and partner discounts — for one low price. In making our pricing more affordable, we’ll be able to reach more people and offer even more value — which means more courses, more live shows, and better partner discounts.

Signing up is easy. If you decide later that you want to cancel, it just takes a couple of clicks. We hope that you’ll join us and discover exactly why our photography education is considered the most entertaining, respected, and valuable training available.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our monthly membership is charged in $USD. We accept the following payment methods:
1) Online using our secure checkout using a debit card or credit card.
2) Over the telephone using a debit or credit card.

What language are the courses available in?

Currently our courses are available in English only and we have English subtitles on all our courses.

I would like to download the video content, can I do this?

You are not entitled to download, copy, distribute or share any of the membership content of the Karl Taylor Education website. Your agreement with us is for streaming access only. To watch videos and live shows you will need an adequate Internet connection. If you would like to purchase download versions of selected courses then you can find these available at

I have a question about a technique demonstrated in part of the training, where can I post this question?

Please use the comments section below the video to discuss techniques with members of our team or other members of the Karl Taylor Education community. For our live photography shows you can post questions during the show in the Live Chat window.

My question is not answered here?

If you have a question and would like to reach us please use the following email us at [email protected]