Creative Portrait Techniques: Portrait photography live show



Creative Portrait Techniques

25th April 2019 – 18:00 BST / 13:00 EDT

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Do you feel stuck, like you’ve tried every lighting setup there is for portrait photography and run out of new ideas? Studio lighting for portrait photography can often look very similar to other photograph’s work, but with a little inspiration and advice, you can add your own creative twist to create something unique.

In this two-part live show Karl will be showing you two creative lighting styles and techniques that are different to what you may have seen before. He won’t just be using softboxes and he won’t just be using the traditional tools for portraiture.

You’ll learn how to use specialist lighting equipment for eye-catching results and, if you’re photographing on a budget, how you can use homemade solutions to achieve equally great results.

Join us live for this live show and be inspired! You’ll also be able to ask your questions as Karl shoots, so don’t miss out.

This live show has been split into two parts.

Watch part 1 | Watch part 2

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