02. Types of studio lighting

There are a host of various types of studio lighting available and they all have different features or benefits. In this chapter we explore how they work and understand the advantages of each type and when and where you would use them.


  1. For someone like myself who has limited experience with studio lighting, I’ve watched so far the first and second video’s in this section and have been very impressed with the presentation and the information given on each subject. Just what I’ve been looking for.

    1. The best $14 ever spent. This course gives “Lights, Camera, Action” a whole new meaning and armed with such knowledge and insight, we too can bring life and Action” to our still photography.

      Great job. Your explanations and examples are simply amazing.
      Well done Karl

  2. Awesome content! I watch a ton of training videos and have actually learned more from these than I have in the past.

  3. Wow, that Broncolor line is really extensive. I’m presently using P C Buff gear, but plan to upgrade at some point. Great lesson.

  4. I am really enjoying this course! The content is helping close gaps in my knowledge of their use even though I ‘ve watched many other courses simply showing them in operation. Excellent fundamentals!

  5. This is amazing,no doubt internet is full of knowledge (may be relevant or not) but at least someone like you is giving the pin point information to others.

    I am happy that i found one of you video on you tube and subscribed your channel after watching it.

    This is the exact way of knowledge transferring…loved it !

    btw Karl … you look more handsome without hair 🙂

    Love from India !


  6. You’ve done a great job on these tutorials, Karl, and you are a very good instructor.

    Question: Why use a flash at all? What does a flash light do that a spot light cannot do? I know in another episode you explain how flash duration, etc. captures motion and therefore it is imperative to utilize it; but why use it on a model, for example, that is not moving? Flashes seem rather complex, they have to be timed to the camera, and therefore expensive?

    1. Hi Steve, I think your questions will be answered as you continue through this course. But do come back to me at the end if you have further questions. Cheers Karl.

  7. I’m presently using visatec solo 800. 400 plan to buy Scoro S and E

    1. Hi Jean, let us know when you want to do that and as a member of KTE we’ll see if we can arrange a discount with bron for you.

  8. thank you Karl and Team, perfect tutorial as usual. may i ask your opinion for the quality of Godox products which are more economy for students?

    1. Hi Art, I’m afraid we have never used Godox products so we are unable to comment on their quality or reliability.

  9. Fantastic training style, its not easy to teach even if you are brilliant at your subject.
    I am learning so much and a great start to my passion

    1. Thank you James, I enjoying explaining things and in my photography I like to work in a logical process and I find I can apply that process to explanation too.


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