34. Enchanting two light result

In this chapter we discover how to create magical lighting with just two lights to produce professional these stunning results.


  1. If this was a commercial shoot for the jewellery, I guess the crop would not be this tight?

  2. oh yes, i found out in the side page, you mentioned all equipment list! such a professional for education system…. well, than you Karl 🙂

  3. Hi Karl, I know in this set up the lights were more face to face, rather than a “hinged” opposite angle normally used. But is this not a variation of a clam shell set up?

    1. Hi Mark, no this wasn’t really close at all to a ‘clam shell’ set up. If you take note of the models head angle and catch lights in the eyes and strong backlighting it is quite different. There is a standard clam shell set up using soft box and beauty dish in another chapter though if you’d like to compare.

      1. Thank you, I see what you mean and I can see why it is a totally different light.


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