19. Bold single soft light

Make a statement with this single light set up producing a bold but soft light ideal for fashion, catalogue shoots.


    1. Hi Mohan, a very large white umbrella would give a similar effect as would a large scrim but the big Octabox is the most controlled option.

  1. Hello Karl, I am André I am an amateur passionate about photography and I follow you from France through your training space. At first I want to tell you that your trainings are the best of all that I have seen on the web. I absolutely do not regret my subscription on your site because thanks to you I could master the photograhy in a few years. Really a thousand thanks for what you do for us.
    My future ambition is to be able to teach this passion that I have for photography in my country in Africa precisely in Gabon (Central Africa). I am determined to follow all your advice for the success of this project which holds me so much.
    Thanks to you

  2. Simple and efficient. I like this set up especially because the shadows are not obvious and thus the model can move freely. The light source placed at a certain distance from the model is a great tip also. Thank you, Karl.

  3. 您好!最后完成的图像背景是浅绿色的?是我的显示器出了问题吗?

  4. Dear karl,
    which light stand is this ?
    also would this not work if the softbox was directly pointing the model instead of overhead ?

    1. Hi Latesh, you will discover from watching the entire Light Source course that there are lots of different options for the position of the lights and in chapter 7, I demonstrate the effects of different modifiers, please watch the course in order from the start and through to the end to get the most benefit. This course is designed and scripted to help photographers fully understand lighting by watching it from module 1 to 62. You will find that the questions you are asking will be answered in the course. If at the end of the course you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to ask. The lighting stand is listed in the equipment list on the right hand side below the video. Cheers Karl.

  5. Nice stuff. Easy setup. I have the silver 7′ parabolic umbrella with a diffuser. I imagine that would work also.


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