15. Lens choices for studio work

Which is the right lens for studio portraiture, head-shots or fashion work? Karl demonstrates a range of lenses to reveal the ideal focal lengths.


  1. excellent! Ben was either bored out of his mind or doing exactly as instructed by you Karl. haha! I appreciate his patience and your demonstrations Karl. Confirmed what I have always thought…85 mm or go home!! (Unless you want to distort a portrait to emphasize character or features of course)

    1. Haha no karl told me to be as still as I possibly could so that each photo I would be in the same position making sure you could really see the difference with each lens

  2. Loving the videos! I presume a crop sensor on my 7D would then equate 85mm to 50mm lens been ideal?

  3. What a superb course, I have learnt more than I thought possible. Every single chapter was educational and had merit as a stand alone subject. Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into the videos and all the planning that must have taken place.

  4. Thank you Ben…you contribution towards tutorial was equally important here…

  5. Another excellent chapter! Somethings I’m aware of but you have gone deeper regards to the perspective and its relation to the facial features. Like the difference of a prime focal length and the zoom equivalent. If working with a crop sensor camera body using an 85mm lens, is that the same as the full frame? I hear things like a 35mm on a crop sensor is like a 50mm on a full frame body. So would an 85mm on a crop sensor also give the proper look that our eyes would see?

    1. Hi Geoff, the perspective of an 85mm on a crop sensor or a full frame camera would be exactly the same if you were at the same shooting distance. But the problem is on the crop sensor a large portion of the shot would be cropped out so you would need to move back to fit the same area in the shot. Then perspective would change because the perspective only changes with distance. You might find this video also useful https://www.karltayloreducation.com/course_video_page/full-frame-vs-crop-sensor/ Cheers Karl.


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