10. Historical buildings

In this chapter Karl is in a lovely old historical building where he finds the perfect inside location to shoot with natural light. Karl explains his thought process when in an unfamiliar shooting situation and how he approaches trying to find the right areas to shoot in and what has potential, this is an important thing to learn when shooting in public areas. As well as this Karl also talks about working with your model and how to keep them comfortable and at ease whilst photographing them.


  1. Hi Karl,

    It was great video, I just have a question about focus.

    I saw the scene when you shoot the model who was walking. At that moment, how to use focus system to get good framing when model is moving.

    To use auto-focus with continues-focus or single-point focus with fast focus-framing? etc.

    Could you please share your experience to me?

    Thank yo very much.

    1. Hi Ryo, continuous AF (servo focus) or manual focus are the best options in such situations.


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