63. Lighting for themes and expression (coming October)

Once you have acquired the knowledge from chapter 62. the next requirement is knowing why to apply them. For example if a client requested a fresh or punchy look would you know what to do? If they specifically required a mysterious, sexy or aggressive lighting style would you know where to start? With Karl’s 20+ years of experience and exquisite lighting control Karl will guide you precisely to understand how to produce lighting for themes.


  1. Hi Karl,
    I am burning to watch this episode, as it is the topic I am interested in most at the moment. Do you have any idea yet when it will be ready start off.
    Greetings from Vienna

  2. Hi Herwig, most of what you need to know is covered in the previous chapter (62) as I expanded far beyond what I expected in that one. However I am going to do some more theory on this subject for release in October. You may also like next weeks live show.


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