Using the Para 133 for Portraiture

In this portrait photography class Karl uses a Para 133 to create a bright, fresh image of model Markie Pearl. Paras are great modifiers to use for portrait photography because they provide beautiful contoured lighting, which you’ll be able to see throughout this class.

Here Karl explains each step of his four light setup, the purpose and effect and why it’s important to test each individual light. In this class you’ll learn how to balance multiple studio lights, control shadows and adjust your background tone through lighting ratios and position.

In this portrait photography class we cover the following:

  • Portrait photography — Tips for portrait photography
  • Lighting modifiers for portrait photography — How to use a Para 133
  • Four light setup for portraiture
  • How to control shadows using fill lighting

To learn more about parabolic lighting watch “Using the Para 222 for Portraiture” and read our blog post “The Magic of Parabolic Lighting”.

If you have any questions about this class please post in the comments section below.


  1. Hi Karl,

    you used the 133 in the flooded position. Why did you ad the P70 instead of getting more punch out of the 133 with a more focused position? With the softbox for fill light distribution
    shouldn’t be an issue.
    Have a good evening in St. Peter Port,


    1. Hello Heina, the 133 in the focused position is too aggressive for most work but perfect in the defocused, however for attractive models then a bit of extra punch but with only a subtle amount of light added gives me a little more sparkle without being too aggressive.

  2. A beautiful look Karl. I love the look of the Para combined with the P70. Similar to the live session you did on Parabolic modifiers. That was an excellent session and really helped me understand the differences of a true para over claimed ones. Your explanation in the session also helps me appreciate the two modifiers together in this one. So beautiful I shall be attempting this style of look for sure.

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