Understanding Parabolic Lighting

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the magic of true parabolic lighting. Many photographers don’t understand how or why these amazing modifiers provide such a visually interesting result. In this live shoot Karl demonstrates their uses and benefits as well as show the final results compared to other more standard modifiers.


  1. Hi Karl,

    thanks for the video. I use a Para133 and I like it because since I’m not a photographer, this light is fantastic, and with a minimum of knowledge you get very good pictures. A friend who hapened to have a Para133 and sold it, says that he prefers his 165cm deep Profoto umbrella. Easier to transport, to setup in location and a light stand is sufficient. And futhermore, he doesn’t see any major difference comparing to his umbrella !!! I also have these Profoto umbrellas and it’s true that it’s an easy solution, but I like the Para133 (cannot afford a 222), it gives me everytime very good results…

    I’ll see you in Paris in June for the workshop, I hope you’ll be as entertaining and exciting as in your videos….

    Thank you Karl


  2. Hi Karl,
    thanks for the show, like it very much!!
    One point you mentioned, that in order for the para to work efficiently the light source should not be flat (speedlite for example) that is why when you use the Siros you remove the front reflector to have a round light what do you think when using the Profoto B1 or D2 they got a round flat front, I guess in this case it is better to use the Pro Heads, in addition what do you of the Profoto Giant Reflector comparing to Bron Para.

    1. Hi Ashraf, yes the front of the light must be protruding forward so that it emanates in all directions otherwise the physics wont work in a Para. With regards the Profoto as explained in the video if the shape and curvature are not right then it wont be as good as the bron.

  3. Hi Karl, is there a comparison coming soon with the Satellite Staro? I saw a capture during the Para 133/222 comparisons that was labeled Staro. I ask because I am interested in both modifiers but can only invest in one that needs to serve a couple of purposes between fashion and product.


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