Tilt and Shift Product Shoot


  1. Hi Karl,
    Is its possible you could demonstrate how to photograph small black shiny cosmetic items, for example, an eye liner pen, mascara container a clear glass eye shadow pot against a white background.

    Are you also able to explain what lighting conditions you view the product under when matching the colours to you colour corrected monitor?

    Thanks Karl for your enthusiastic presentations.

    1. Hi Charles, I think there are plenty of other modules here that will cover what you need to know of black shiny or shiny objects. With regards the products I simply place an X-rite color checker card in the first shot when I’m set up and then measure and neutralise that in the RAW file. My monitor is self calibrating and is always accurate to I know with those two processes that what I’m looking at is correct. I will be covering more on the colour checker card process soon in a future tutorial.


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