06. Thinking and working efficiently

An efficient workflow is key to using Photoshop especially when working on multiple images. Here Karl talks about and shows you his workflow.


  1. funny you should say that you have only just found out about match zoom etc, I have used photoshop since V4, about 1997/8, and you doing match zoom, is the first I have seen of it, shows, no matter how long you have used it, you can always learn more 🙂

  2. being new to editing, the clone stamp too and the spot healing tool are definitely what I would have went with to “fix” that hair, although I know its not really fixing anything. I understand when you say to not think about retouching as “fixing” but rather as shifting pixels around. However, since I am new, I still have the “fixing” mentally. Moving forward I am going to re-evaluate my thinking there and do my best at it. That being said, what would your recommendation be if you indeed didn’t want that hair visible?

    1. Hi Ashley, as you progress through this course and the other photoshop courses below it you will find a number of modules relating to techniques for hair.


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