Sunset Seascape Post Production

See what level of post production Karl applies to a Sunset Seascape.


  1. Nice! First day here since I subscribed and can already see it was worth it to learn more. Really have to upgrade to Lightroom CC (is this the last one that includes photoshop?…) and learn to also use photoshop tools on some of my photography.
    Looking forward to check all the videos and other stuff here.

    1. Hi Francisco, welcome aboard. Yes CC package you get LR and PS. We have courses on both in the ‘post production’ section.

  2. Hi Karl, nice to see the workflow for post processing that seascape.
    I was just curious about two things.
    First of all, why use the black background? I thought it was a bit hard to see the edge of the image with the black background.
    The second question was about alignment of the two image layers. Is there a specific reason why you don’t use the alignment function in PS? I’ve used that in the past for aligning traffic trail shots.

  3. thanks again , its was great from start to print ready , action , duel filters was something in did not thinks instead of washing them each time they got splash nice one
    thanks again frank

  4. Hi Karl

    I’ve never seen the power of photoshop before, really good to be walked through from shooting to the end image. Great tutorial but also emphasising why your composition and the colours in your image make it work too!

    Enjoying the subscription!


  5. Hi,

    At 15:55, you say you want to correct the optical distortion, but when you click on “Enable Profile Correction”, it also removes the vignetting you like.

    Do you know that when “Enable Profile Correction” is activated, below you have 2 cursors under “Advanced”:
    “Distortion” and “Vignetting”, which allows to dose or cancel the effect of one or the other of your correction profile.
    So you can correct the distortion independently of the vignetting.


    1. Hi Nicolas, yes I know the other settings are there. Sometimes it’s just the way these things get edited, what I may have liked at the start of an editing process can change when I get near the end because other factors have influenced the image and the perception of the image.


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