08. Sunset photography

In this chapter Karl heads to the Louvre Museum aiming to capture the setting sun as part of the composition. Learn why you should head to your shooting location well before you plan to shot and how Neutral Density Grads and Neutral Density filters can help you perfect your shots of the setting sun. Additionally Karl also takes some shots at Place de la Cóncorde at dusk and shows you just how magical and romantic long exposure photography at night can be.


    1. Hi Gina, I always use the lowest ISO (or the default ISO) whenever I can, as this will give me the best quality image. Revert to our introduction to photography course for more information on that topic. The equipment list for all shoot is on the page below the video. Thank you.

    1. Hi Akansh, it helps if you have a ‘good eye’ for a picture but often it’s about solving problems and you can train yourself in these things.


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