34. Enchanting two light result

In this chapter we discover how to create magical lighting with just two lights to produce professional and stunning results.


  1. If this was a commercial shoot for the jewellery, I guess the crop would not be this tight?

  2. oh yes, i found out in the side page, you mentioned all equipment list! such a professional for education system…. well, than you Karl 🙂

  3. Hi Karl, I know in this set up the lights were more face to face, rather than a “hinged” opposite angle normally used. But is this not a variation of a clam shell set up?

    1. Hi Mark, no this wasn’t really close at all to a ‘clam shell’ set up. If you take note of the models head angle and catch lights in the eyes and strong backlighting it is quite different. There is a standard clam shell set up using soft box and beauty dish in another chapter though if you’d like to compare.

  4. Wow what a great tutorial this one was. I love the look of the shot. Excellent demonstration of light falloff on the background and how to change it up. URS’s explanation’s like the lower soft box verses the upper. He really helps in understand lighting concepts. Just awesome!


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