31. The rectangular ring light

This creative beauty lighting setup is a simplistic setup with a very unique twist.

In this beauty photography class Karl tries something completely new and puts a creative spin on a modifier designed for rim lighting. While this setup could, essentially, have been achieved with one light, Karl shows how the addition of a second light adds an additional element.

The final result is a beautiful, soft effect with almost no shadows — a flattering effect ideal for beauty photography.

In this beauty photography class we cover the following:

  • Studio Lighting: How to set up multiple studio lights
  • Two light setup for beauty photography
  • How to creatively use modifiers
  • How to achieve soft light
  • How to use a hair light in beauty photography

NOTE: This course is available with English subtitles


  1. Love the creative process and the edges on the shoulders!
    Is the black mask silvered on the inside of the softbox ?

  2. Thanks for show a creative DIY solution for us that don’t own “all the light modifiers in the world”, Karl!

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