44. Three light high-key fashion

In this photography class Karl creates another stunning result, this time a gorgeous rim-lit fashion and beauty-style image, through careful control of just three lights.

Using three simple modifiers he uses effective rim lighting combined with a simple fill light to achieve this punchy high-key image.

Karl then demonstrates the effect of hard and soft light and how to adjust the power settings for this lighting setup accordingly.

In this beauty photography course we cover the following:

  • Creative three light photography setup
  • Studio lighting: How to set up multiple studio lights
  • Studio lighting flash power
  • Rim light studio setup for portrait photography
  • Hard and soft light in beauty photography

NOTE: This course is available with English subtitles


  1. Great training Karl! You finally made it possible for me to learn from you… You make it simple and easy to understand, gear might be a barrier in some cases but the concept and lighting set-up sinks in your brain forever. Question? Is there a way to mark favorite videos? I mean for quick access. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jose, glad you like it and thanks for joining but I’m afraid there is no way on our system to mark your favourite videos.

  2. Hi Karl

    Thanks for a super interesting series. You have certainly opened our minds to great possibilities.

    Please could you indicate what you would do differently in these lighting setups when shooting dark skin tone models (Asian and African) and how you would deal with the extra shine that is commonly found on dark skin tones.

    1. Hi Peter, african dark skin tones can sometimes be more shiny, so on the edge lighting which is reflected light this may need to be reduced in exposure but the light from the front would need to be increased in exposure. It depends more on the surface qualities of the skin, shine, reflectance etc this can only be assessed person to person. Polarisers can sometimes help with partial polarisation.

  3. Hi Karl
    My English is poor

    This video has no subtitles

    I want to ask, why this shoot don’t need a Window Mask to prevent flare ?
    I really hope that video has subtitles, thank you!

    1. Hi Wei, subtitles will be on all our videos in the next two weeks. The reason I didn’t use the window mask is because I actually wanted some flare in these shots for effect.

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