55. Dramatic and desirable

Create this dramatic and desirable lighting setup designed to reveal just the right amount of exposure in key areas and create a sense of luxury with the lighting control. It requires four lights and basic modifiers.


  1. I have watched and listened to chapters 1 -15 on Portraits and also some of the chapters on one, two or three light set-ups. For the purpose of my question, let’s agree that Speedlites are Flashes only while Strobes have both flash and modelling lamps. My question is, when using a four light set up for example, you will have a key/main light, a backlight, rim light or hair lights etc. in this instance I understand the lights are the modelling lamps that are positioned in varied angles for the shoot. When the final shoot is taken, do you use all the flashes from the 4 Strobes or just one flash and others are the modelling lamps?

    1. Hi Laurenta, no we always use the flash part from each and all of the lights, we never use the modelling lamps for any part of the lighting. Modelling lamps are purely so we can see what the direction of the light will look like.

  2. Such a beautiful look!! A great use of the soft box and grids. This course has been amazing. I’ve learned so much. I know I’ve watched all setups from 1-4 lights but practice wise I’m still at the one light setups for portraits. I re watch before trying setups and usually I see some things I either forgot or missed first time around. It has been very inspiring for sure.


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