50. Dynamic energy lighting

Freeze that moment with this stylish, impactful and dynamic technique. Easy to follow and producing brilliant result with just basic modifiers you’ll be wanting to use this lighting setup time and time again.


  1. Nice setup!! I was going to ask about using two strip boxes for the background. What I love about these modules that my questions get answered in the video. LOL. I see why this style now with the polyboards and bounce light. To create the rim light around the model also. I saw a very similar 4 light setup for a fashion catalogue shoot but with strip boxes on the background but it did not have the rim lighting. I’m thinking of getting a couple of large collapsable backgrounds ( black/white) to substitute for poly boards. My studio is very small.

  2. Hi Karl,

    Great tutorial. Question for you. When you were capturing the model jumping in the air, did you set your lens to manual focus? Did you set your focus point to where you believe here body will be in focus the frame and then click the shutter to capture the shot? I want to know how you are able to get her in focus while moving fast.

    Thank you!


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