48. Soft, warm and glowing

Another straight out of camera result through Karl’s precise and careful control of lighting. Produce the most stunning results for your portrait clients with incredible four light set up.


  1. Hi Karl, I notice you shooting on a ladder frequently, is that because the model is tall, or are you shooting slightly down on her?

    1. Hi Erik, a bit of both and I’m also quite short 5ft 7, (1m 70) so a model with heels on is too high for me at ground level plus being on the ladder I can go up and down until I see what looks good, without the ladder then I don’t have that option.

  2. amazing setup !
    I haven’t used an umbrella for a long time but this look made me want to try it again.

    amazing as always Karl, I want you to know that you really really inspire me every time and I’m talking about you everyday that you are my true inspiration in lighting and photography.

    There is a huge difference if I’m watching you than anybody else because you ( inspire me ) first and then I learn from you , I knew you since 2010 I think and from that time I’m following you and learning from you and recommending you for everyone I know.

    I wish you the best and I’m greatly appreciated for your continuous inspiration.


  3. Karl the same results can be achived by using the Rim Lighting technique by using 3 lights instead of 4.

    1. Light for the background to create a ball of light and seperation from background.
    2. Using a peice of cloth on the reactagular softbox to crate rim light on the model.
    3. Use one more light from the front.

    Is my aproach right ?


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