23. Softening harsh sunlight

Out in the desert in the middle of the day is a hard time to shoot. With harsh, strong light creating strong unflattering shadows. But using an overhead skim allows us to create much more flattering shots even at midday. The results are some wonderful and flattering shots that couldn’t have been achieved without that extra piece of kit.

NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.


  1. Karl,
    That diffusion paper that comes on the roll could not be used like this sun-swatter? I take it that the roll paper would not stand up to the wind etc.?


  2. Hi Karl,

    I noticed the comment above this one now is in Spanish and has not been answered yet. To translate, he is asking :”why exactly did you use a polarizing filter for this session? Greetings and good job friend. ”

    Am I correct to think it’s to darken the over exposed sky and bring in some detail as you are exposing for the dark subject in front which is the model?

    1. Thank you for the translation Jacques, I believe it was explained in the video but it was to make the foliage richer in colour and the sky bluer.

  3. Karl, if shooting out when its bright like that what kind of polarizer do you suggest? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks for the offer David but I’m sure my surfing skills would be pretty rubbish as I’ve never tried it. Tim our cameraman is a big surf fan so I’m sure he’d be up for it we head out that way again. If you’ve got scuba diving on the list i’ll be there! 🙂

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