05. Simple fashion on location

In this chapter Karl introduces some artificial light into his shot as he intentionally underexposes the background and uses a fill in flash to create a more dramatic image. The key to this shot is using the surroundings to create some great compositional techniques and make the model really stand out in this professional looking fashion shot.

NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.


  1. Karl, I am planning to buy my first outdoor light? what would be the minimum wattage required. thanks

    1. Hi Mano, for me always on the model (face/eyes) but this was a wide angle lens so there is an inherent amount of DOF due to the lens being a wide angle, especially if your subject is several feet away.

  2. Hi Karl,

    Was the double umbrella setup for full body coverage or just to allow firing the strobes at lower power?

  3. Hi Karl,

    I’m wondering why you shot at f3.5 and used an ND filter? Could you not have just shot at F11 or similar to achieve the same result? Cheers Peter

  4. karl,
    Got it! Thank you for that information. Hope to do a bit of shooting like this over the weekend and so far your information has already yielded positive results. thank you again! Robert

  5. The shadow was done in post work correct?
    If so, is there a reason the shadow heads towards the light?
    Shouldn’t it be heading away from the model towards the center to be realistic?
    Love the shot btw, just curious.

    1. Hi Robert, if you look at the natural shadows in the scene such as the shadow side of the building or the steps you will see they run towards the camera. As you would have seen in the video the shot was taken using a strong backlit sun so this is the natural direction of the shadows. The studio lighting is the other way but concentrated to fill in the shadow side of the model but it’s position and strength is not enough to overpower the sunlight from the other direction and therefore it doesn’t cast a shadow. For me the most natural shadow is to fit with the rest of the scene and in this case that is from the sun. There wasn’t any post work on the shadow that is the shadow from the sun. Cheers Karl.

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