07. Shooting car trails

With the amazing backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, Karl and the team set up to capture the tail lights of cars passing by. With some simple equipment and not too much effort you too can create stunning images like this, all you need is the know-how. Expand your shooting skills beyond the magic hour by applying these simple rules to your night photography.


  1. I am enjoying the content of your vids so far but I would like you to talk us through your composition and show us what you are seeing in the viewfinder when you first set up. Explain what you are hoping for, where you are aiming/focussing. You do it better in some vids and not so much in others. You are very good at talking us through the process etc but I wish you would spend a little more time teaching. It all feels a bit hectic.

    1. Hi Maysie, keep going through our other content including the portrait, fashion and studio stuff and you’ll hear me comment on those details too. Describing the ‘why’ of composition is often a difficult process as sometimes it is intuitive via practise. Chapter 63 of ‘Light Source’ in the ‘Portrait’ section might give you some new insights.


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