08. Reflectors and flags

These often overlooked accessories are essential for good lighting techniques. Find out which ones to use, when to use them and why.


  1. What sort of locations can you find that polished metal sheeting? I cant seem to find it in common hardware stores here in Canada. I rather like the look of it for a stage floor on product photos. Great video and I really enjoy seeing what other photographers create for custom lighting setups and workflows.

    1. Hi Jason, if you can’t find it at your hardware store, check with your local metal workshops or signmakers. Cheers Karl.

  2. Hi Karl,
    I have some spare cardboard sheets at home, and I wonder if I could use those instead of foam board as an alternative? Or would it not be as effective?

    1. Hi Maha, iof they are white then they will work as reflectors, the thing I like about foamboard is it is stiff and light weight.


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