Product Photography – Footwear

In this live product photography workshop Karl demonstrates how to light and photograph footwear, in this case a football boot.

Starting with a single light, Karl shows you how to create a rim light before gradually building to his final setup.

A high-end product shoot such as this requires precision and attention to detail. Karl explains key elements to highlight and demonstrates how to subtly but effectively use your studio lighting to draw attention to the most important areas. He then takes it a step further and demonstrates how you can introduce a different light source for a greater creative effect using long exposure.

He ends the show by demonstrating how to retouch a product image like this. Making use of a ‘ready made’ mask, he shows you how to quickly and effectively polish the image to product advertising standard.

In this live photography workshop we cover the following:

  • How to photograph footwear
  • Product photography tips
  • How to create a rim light
  • How to retouch product images in Photoshop
  • How to quickly create mask selections in Photoshop
  • How to change background color
  • How to create a graduated background

If you have any questions about the show, please use the comments box below 🙂


  1. Hi Karl

    Fantastic show as always. You are a magician !!!

    It would be interesting to learn your thought process that goes into deciding which part of a product to illuminate.

    I know you go over that briefly at the beginning of each product shoot, but please do a show, where you actually don’t shoot, instead take different products and then go through the thought process; which area you would illuminate, the angle you will shoot to show those areas and the light setup that you would deploy.

    I think this will help us train our eye to look for seemingly obscure angles and highlights.


  2. Thank you so much Karl for this interesting and very informative tutorial. I picked up a few new tips again as always. Just wish to ask if you could try to shoot some highly reflective products, as I asked you before about a chrome sculpture.
    Only if you can.
    Thank you so much once again and no matter how much I thank you for your hard work to pass on these important techniques, it’s never enough.

  3. Fantastic! Helpful and inspiring, thank you Karl! You give here a lot of information, from basic to complex lighting, from light painting to very effective editing tips, all in a single class. What we’re getting here is helping a lot, on the creative side and also speeding up the workflow; thanks again.


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