Practical demonstration on interior retouch

Being able to retouch interiors is a great skill and requires a good eye for detail. In this Photoshop class Karl shows you what to look out for when approaching an interior retouch and how creating symmetry can really transform your image.

This class also provides a visual comparison of some of the commonly used tools for interior retouching: Distort versus Perspective, Warp versus Liquify as well as Clone Stamp versus Healing Brush.

Working through each step, Karl explains his choice of tools and how they can be used to achieve a final, pleasing result. You can follow along using the work along file, available in our Downloads section.

In this Photoshop class we cover the following:

  • Photoshop tutorial: How to retouch interior architecture images
  • Retouching tips for architecture images
  • How to correct perspective in Photoshop
  • Rulers and guides
  • How to use Transform tools for retouching interior architecture images
  • Photoshop Liquify tool

For more advanced retouching techniques for interior images, watch our Home Interior Retouch class, presented with professional retoucher Viktor Fejes.

You might also be interested in our Live Talk Show with professional architectural photographer Sean Conboy, who shared some useful advice for architectural photography.

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  1. hi, how did you run a paint brush across the horizontal guide line to use it in the liquify adjustment ? thanks

    1. Hi Peter, on the latest version of Photoshop they now allow you to view guides in the liquify panel. Previously they didn’t, so what I used to do was create a new layer and paint my own ‘guide’ on that layer and then in Liquify you can show other layers which then would let me see my straight line.

  2. Thanks for that. I dared to do panoramas in interiors of a shop and now im in a bit of trouble. This tools help a lot. When you didn’t get it quite right in the Adaptative Wide Angle Filter. Cool Karl.

    1. Hi Pratik, yes but in the latest version of Photoshop CC they have now added guides in the liquify interface.

  3. Great interior exposure on the original capture in the first place. The use of the lady adds scale, style and class to reflect the decor and for her to actually hold the glass up to get window-light passing through it gives the whole scene a professional polish with such meticulous attention to detail ☺

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