10. Practical demonstration on fashion retouch

Karl explains in this chapter how he approaches using Photoshop on Fashion shots and how and when different tools should be used as well as how to look out for what needs adjustments as well as looking at the subtle changes that can be made in order to draw all the attention to what you want so that nothing distracts you from the model in the image.


  1. Enjoying these a lot, not so much for the photoshops tools, as I have been using photoshop for a very long time, more so, your thought process as to what needs changing to improve an image, there is so much out there on the technicalities, and the ‘general rules’ not so much on individual insights as to what the photographer regards as a good image, obviously this changes a lot dependant on taste, but still good to watch, 🙂

  2. I find that sometimes dodging desaturates or burning over saturates the color on those edits and I must use the sponge saturation tool to correct and blend them properly.

  3. Nice pace of lesson, and the thoughtful delivery makes it easier to take in. Excellent clarity of explanation too. I was hoping you would reduce the blast of light at the right of the bag and the bright rock to the right of the elbow, but it is all about taste and judgement and you have a lot more than that than me Karl. That liquify tool is mighty handy ☺

  4. When you want to dodge and burn non destructively. Any particular reason you don’t use the 50% grey in overlay mode method?

    1. Hi Michael, the curves adjustment layer with masks is a more controllable way of B&D and is also non destructive as the work you are doing is on an adjustment layer. In this course I demonstrate that method and a couple of others so people become familiar with the tools. Cheers Karl.

  5. I wonder, Karl, if you ever have to step away from an image and come back to it for fear of losing the plot, so to speak? Do you process, sleep on it, then confirm/alter? I suppose the point you made elsewhere about planning your action must help, and talent/experience too! Regards, Dave.

    1. Hi David, yes definitely if i’m embarking on a lot of burn and dodge then I often take a break and sometimes sleep on it. It’s always good to look at your work with fresh eyes.

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