14. Practical demonstration on beauty retouch

Beauty retouches can take a lot of time but if you know some tricks of the trade then you can cut down the time considerably. It’s all about knowing what to look out for, how to fix it and when you’ve done enough.


  1. Just wawww!!!!!Thanks Karl for sharing your experience. Very informative and very well explained. It will bring my works to the next level from now 🙂 Just AMAZING tips – you have answer my questions I had for years !!! Cant wait to watch your next episode

  2. Lots of helpful information and workflows. I like the skin texture detail that still exists after the retouching here. Alot of retouching I see nowadays ends up looking very fake like porcelain or plastic that I greatly dislike.

  3. thank you Karl.
    1. do you think magic mouse is better than using the Pen?
    2. what is the brand and model of your TV/Display to be sure that is showing perfect res. same as Retina on your Macbook?

    1. Hi Art, I prefer a wacom tablet and pen compared to using the mouse as it makes burn and dodge easier and I find it more natural. The best screens you can get for colour accuracy are the NEC or Eizo colour edge but it depends on your budget. Some of the new Imac screens are pretty good but maybe a little too contrasty.

  4. Excellent instruction on this one! I really like this form of burn and dodge; I have found the standard tools by those names to be less controllable and a bit “clunky” to use. What I really like is how it keeps the integrity of the skin textures instead of bleaching them out to porcelain doll status.
    This has helped my editing ability to reach a huge learning curve, and I haven’t even hit the advanced editing modules yet!

  5. God did not make anyone perfect or anything perfect for that matter. Photoshop is man’s answer to make things perfect and you Karl is a great teacher that makes boring subject so interesting! Great tutorial, I can’t believe is sat over an hour for ‘click click’ and a monologue and loved every minute of it.


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