Post-Production Floating Cosmetics Splash Shot

In this module Karl walks through the entire post-production process to take the RAW image to its final stage suitable for a high-end advertising image. In starting with a high quality capture the process is minimal and simple and takes only about an hour but there are some key steps required in areas of contrast, saturation, sharpening and burn and dodge that are essential to this type of image.


  1. Pre-visuaization is what separate an ” Artist ” from a ” performer “.

    This is what I love and learned from you is thinking before you start as an artist.

    No one does it better than you Karl.

    Thank you for everything.

    1. Hi Jeongun, I have bad working practises 🙂 No I usually keep a copy of the layered working file, other times when I know I’m happy with the image then I sometimes decide there is no need for the layers any more.

  2. Hi Karl, great to see the level of detail you go to in order pull out the very best final image. Also good to experience your problem solving and solution based attitude to the issues that face all of us when we work through retouching an image. Fantastic work and tutorial. Thank you.

  3. Great tutorial both the devloping of the image and the capture setup. I have a question sometimes when your working there is two circles a smaller one inside a bigger one. What is causing this to happen? If i had to guess id say one was your brush and the bigger one displayed feather size.

    1. Hi Levi, this is actually an error of the screen recording software, for some reason it records two circles even though there was only one, it may be like you say recording the feathering circle too.

  4. How do you create a new layer from all the layers below it – I normally duplicate and then merge, your way looks a lot easier ?



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