07. Places of interest

Especially when on holiday and when in unusual places you have some great opportunities to capture some great images whether they be of architecture, landscapes, groups and individual portraits. Here Karl explains some top tips that can help you take some great photos including using modes like landscape mode and adding flash – perfect for family holidays!


  1. If you turn your camera on the buildings and then half press the button you will fix exposure and focus and then recompose to the model and she will be out of focus, am I wrong.

    1. Hi Robert, I’ve checked the manual for this camera and here is the link to the manual
      On page 97 you will find the instructions on how to lock the focus and the exposure separately, I suspect that what has happened is that I did not describe this procedure accurately in the video and my apologies for this mistake. From the information in the manual it would appear that there would have been one extra button pressed on the back of the camera to lock the exposure but not the focus. It may be that this was edited out of the footage by mistake in the final video. I hope this information is useful to you and will allow you to operate the focus and exposure separately. Kind regards Karl.


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