Live Talk Show – Fashion Stylist Bianca Swan

Karl is joined by special guest Bianca Swan, a professional fashion stylist who has worked with major brands such as Burberry, M&S and Lacoste and collaborated with world renowned photographers such as Rankin, Rachell Smith, Max Oppenheim and even Karl Taylor.

In this live photography talk show the pair delve into the world of fashion and what goes on behind the scenes. Bianca explains the role of a stylist, offers advice on how to break into the industry and shares some valuable styling tips for those on a tight budget.

Topics covered in this live photography talk show:

  • The stylist’s role during a fashion shoot
  • How to make it as a fashion stylist
  • Sourcing outfits for fashion shoots
  • Networking – Establishing contacts & collaborations
  • Sourcing stylists for a fashion shoot
  • How much do fashion stylists charge
  • Styling tips for fashion photography

More about fashion photography, including the planning and preparation, can be found in our Fashion section.

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